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De Zetel production process

Everything starts with purchasing quality raw materials. Only the best wood is purchased and, once on the premises, is checked again for good quality.

Every model is built in the model shop first before it is taken into production. This way De Zetel is able to think along with its customer and this allows them to offer tailor-made solutions. De Zetel’s own drying chambers ensure that the wood is prepared perfectly before it is handed over to production. Drying is an art which must be mastered and that is why De Zetel opts to dry the wood themselves. 

Bending the wood is also done in-house. De Zetel produces quite a variety of chairs and consequently there will be different ways of bending the wood to meet that variety. A deep bend is done by means of steam, a more shallow bend is created with electrical currents.

Bending with steam is done in a steel steam generator. The humidity in the wood is increased making it pliable. High frequency bending is done by electric currents which are sent through a metal structure into a wooden mould.

After bending the wood undergoes various treatments using our machinery. From planing to sanding and calibrating. One of the major trumps of De Zetel is the perfection of their dowel pin-hole connection. The dowel machine and the drilling machine ensure that all the parts of the chair fit seamlessly together.

What’s more, De Zetel’s perfect dowel pin-hole connection guarantees a rarely seen sturdiness. The CNC machine for its part ensures that difficult processes can be executed efficiently.

Next, the chairs are glued and upholstered. The finish is done in the spray booth where chairs are treated with water-based colour and varnish. De Zetel was a pioneer in the area of hydro-finish and by doing this among others shows how much we care for the environment.

The assembly as well as the final finishing touches are subjected to various checks which ensure De Zetel can deliver optimal quality … without exception!

De Zetel has its own service department which ensures everything is kept in-house and we can react quickly in case any defects or problems arise.