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De Zetel - Durability

Durability is engrained in De Zetel’s DNA. The family company and its 80 employees do not think of durability as a passing trend but as a precondition for success and social acceptance. Respect for products and for people is self-evident for De Zetel. De Zetel’s year-long experience is not what counts, but it is the durability of the wooden furniture produced by the company that is of paramount importance.


• The production unit and offices are heated exclusively with recycled wood waste

• Spraying is done using water-based varnishes and stains reducing toxic emissions to a negligible minimum.

• Wood shavings, plastic, cardboard and metal are always recycled separately.

• The glue is free from formaldehyde.

• Honest energy is generated by the photovoltaic cells on the company roof.

• Our collection contains a.o. FSC and PEFC certified products showing our contribution to sustainable forestry.

All these measures ensure that De Zetel’s ecological footprint is reduced to a minimum.