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De Zetel - History

De Zetel started out as a small furniture manufacturer in 1923. Today the family company is led by Geert Behaegel and the next generation is waiting in the wings to take over and lead the company into the next stages of the family history.

Cyriel Behaegel, furniture maker, laid down the foundation stones for the company in 1923. He has only one aim: to create a chair which is as comfortable as an armchair. Hence the name ‘De Zetel’ which means ‘Armchair’ in English.

In 1951 Cyriel’s two sons took over the company and started manufacturing church and kitchen chairs as well as chairs for furniture manufacturers.

From 1960 to1980 De Zetel was bursting at the seams and Geert Behaegel joined the company in 1975.  Geert is still at the helm of the company today and he does this with great verve. As a leading furniture manufacturer De Zetel stands for timeless design, sustainable enterprising and comfortable seating comfort.  

Even though wood was threatened for a while by cheaper materials such as aluminium or plastic, and of course also the financial crisis, it is now ready for a resurrection. In 2012 De Zetel launched ‘Z-Creations’, a fresh and trendy collection designed in cooperation with various creative talents.

De Zetel puts great store by innovation and this can be seen clearly in the production as well as the collections. De Zetel keeps up with the times, in all areas. The next generation of the Behaegel family, David Behaegel, is ready to show the company a new era.  An era where innovation, craftsmanship, sustainability and open communication will take centre stage.

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Because De Zetel puts great store in innovation and always wants to keep up with the times, Z-Creations was launched. A collection of beautiful, comfortable and high quality wooden chairs at a...

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