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About De Zetel

About De Zetel

De Zetel - About us

Chair manufacturer De Zetel from Ardooie has accumulated a rich history since its establishment in 1923. The common theme in this family tradition is that De Zetel has always produced solid wooden tables and chairs in European beech and oak.

De Zetel is synonymous with craftsmanship, craftsmanship varnished with a layer of innovation. Wooden tables and chairs, sanded to perfection and polished with year-long expertise.

De Zetel’s striving for quality, combined with a constant urge for innovation, is quite clearly present in all the products manufactured by the company. From design to final result: designed by craftsmen in order to be created by craftsmen.

Van A tot Z

De Zetel - History

De Zetel started out as a small furniture manufacturer in 1923. Today the family company is led by Geert Behaegel and the next generation is waiting in the wings to take over and lead the company into the next stages of the family history.

De Zetel - For a long life

Because De Zetel puts great store in innovation and always wants to keep up with the times, Z-Creations was launched. A collection of beautiful, comfortable and high quality wooden chairs at a reasonable price and suitable for the project market.

De Zetel production process

Everything starts with purchasing quality raw materials. Only the best wood is purchased and, once on the premises, is checked again for good quality. Every model is built in the model shop first before it is taken into production.

De Zetel - Durability

Durability is engrained in De Zetel’s DNA. The family company and its 80 employees do not think of durability as a passing trend but as a precondition for success and social acceptance. Respect for products and for people is self-evident for De Zetel. De Zetel’s year-long experience is not what counts, but it is the durability of the wooden furniture produced by the company that is of paramount importance.

De Zetel - Craftsmanship

De Zetel stands for craftsmanship with a contemporary character.
Despite the fact that De Zetel invests continuously in machinery, each finished product is a prime example of skilled craftsmanship.