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Chair manufacturer De Zetel from Ardooie has accumulated a rich history since its establishment in 1924. The common theme in this family tradition is that De Zetel has always produced solid wooden tables and chairs in European beech and oak.

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Feel-good chairs

Z-Creations is the division within De Zetel which concentrates on the creation of chairs for the catering industry and project market. This demanding as well as special segment of the project market benefits from the company’s many decades of...

Sit down and relax

Z-Comfort stands for the ergonomics and pure comfort directed mainly at various care institutions. At De Zetel comfort can be trendy too. Axel Enthoven designed a line for Z-Comfort which is both trendy-looking and very comfortable: design and...

Sit and fit

Timeless models, or rather a collection from a creative talent, and this for the furniture makers as well as the project decorators. Z-Classics has it all. New designs are developed in consultation with a team of specialists. This collection is...

Thank God for seats

This collection harks back to the origins of De Zetel, i.e. church chairs. An extensive assortment offers perfect solutions for monumental buildings. Functional, up-to-date and ergonomic.


Visit De Zetel Ardooie during Interieur 2014

You are invited to visit the production entity of De Zetel en Z-Creations during you visit @ Interieur Kortrijk.

Just call us at +32 (0)51 48 09 50 to make an apointment.